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I have had the opportunity of skimming through Betty Longhi and Cynthia Eid's book on Creative Metal Forming and I am extremely impressed. It truly is a must have. It is extensive and thorough and covers a vast amount of information clearly and with many illustrations. Well worth the money spent. I highly recommend it and know that it will be well received by anyone who reads it. My hats of to them both and I am grateful to them for their tireless effort in making this book and knowledge available to everyone!
Bravo Betty & Cynthia!

Just got my copy. This is indeed an outstanding follow up to Form Emphasis For Metalsmiths by Heikki Seppa. Excellent forward by Michael Good. Kudos to Cynthia, Betty, and to Tim at Brynmorgen Press. This is an excellent contribution to the metalsmith library!

Amazing!!!!! It will be one of my treasured books of all time. So well written with clear instructions.

My copy came last night, and I have paged through it from front to back. Now looking at what I've got to work with and wishing I had another lifetime to spend doing what my imagination is running away with....


This is an amazing book. It explains synclastic and anticlastic forming so well, which can be a difficult concept to wrap your mind around. You don't have to purchase expensive tools when starting out because you can use the ends of pine blocks.

It is wonderful to finally have a book that has every hint/step required to make a successful form.

Canceling all plans for today. Upon my arrival home last night,
I found waiting on my darkened porch, a Box Formed like Endless Possibilities…
…Forward all calls to my reading chair.

The book, Creative Metalforming, is an inspiration...while I've been making spiculum and all kinds of metal forms for years, I find this book to be a useful and important resource...and a reminder of what is possible…. the book is great for both seasoned and beginning metalsmiths, a great reference.

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It is fabulous! I love how you showed the various tools, the line-by-line technique demos, and of course the mind-blowing examples of craftsmanship.
Thank you thank you thank you. I've started reading your book (can't seem to just browse it so far…. it's all too interesting to skip any pages) and it is SO GOOD… SO informative, SO readable and SO understandable and I'm very, very impressed! The good-looking pictures are really clear and illustrative of the techniques, and the artwork is inspiring. 

WOW!!!! It's terrific!!!

I took it to class and everyone was drooling over it and asking how to order it.
One woman, who's sort of a curmudgeon when it comes to buying jewelry making books, had a very long look and commented 'Now THAT'S a book worth buying!!!'

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This book is an insightful and important contribution for those interested in exploring the knowledge of metal forming. Longhi and Eid bring a new level of accessibility by communicating these processes so well through imagery and their descriptions. Drawing on their combined decades of experience they have succeeded in creating a new milestone for the metal arts field. Congratulations!

If you're building a library of jewelry "how to" books, this is one you cannot miss! Excellent information, and the book itself is of extremly high quality.

Extra tips, how to modify tools, where to get them, all that is included, which a lot of books don't necessarily offer. Even how to make your own stakes tips are included.

Definitely an addition to your jewelry/metalsmithing libary.